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Information About Arakkonam Town

Information About Arakkonam Town

Arakkonam is a mid-sized town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu with a population of about 79080. This town is located in the Vellore district about  70km (Via rail) from the state capital of Chennai, and 29.5 feet above from sea level. The name of the town is believed to have been derived from the Tamil word Aaru konam meaning hexagon(ancient name was arunthamizh kundram), since it has six important places on its six sides. Nearby towns include Kanchipuram, Tiruttani, Tiruvalangadu and Sholingur. Arakkonam is one of the important  railway junctions in South India.

Arakkonam taluk is a taluk in Vellore district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The headquarters of the taluk is the town of Arakkonam.

‘Arakkonam’ derived from the Tamil term ‘Aaru konam’ which signifies hexagon,
since it has six important places on its six sides. Nearby towns include Kanchipuram, Tiruttani, Tiruvalangadu, Thakkolam, Manavoor and Sholingur. The ancient name of this town is Arunthamizh kundram.

Arakkonam is one of the fast growing town and major node in Southern Railway network. The town also boasts of having one of the biggest workshops of the railways, known as Engineering Work Shop (EWS). Arakkonam has the longest runway in South Asia (4500 meters) at INS Rajali, a naval Air base of the Indian Navy. Several industries like Ramco Cement factory, MRF Ltd, Tiruvalangadu sugar factory, TTL, Ultratech cements are also set up in this town.

According to the 2011 census, the taluk of Arakkonam had a population of 508921 with 254504 males and 254417 females. There were 1000 women for every 1000 men. The taluk had a literacy rate of 69.75. Child population in the age group below 6 was 27479 Males and 26073 Females.

Arakkonam is also one of the biggest junctions in Southern Railway. In fact,the unique sounds associated with the railways are part and parcel of the life of people residing here. Even common men, not associated with railways, know many technical terms used by the railway men!. The town boasts of having one of the biggest workshops of the railways, known as Engineering Workshop (EWS).

Arakkonam Town Information

Arakkonam is an Indian Parliamentary constituency and is also a Tamil Nadu state assembly constituency.

Arakkonam is also called as "Arakonam". It is supposed to be one of the hottest towns, where the mercury can cross 110 degree Fahrenheit for several  days in peak of the summer.

Arakkonam has good transport linkages in all directions through National Highways, major district roads (MDR) and village roads. These roads provide access to surrounding urban centers such as Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Ranipet, Arcot, Vellore and Katpadi. It also connects metro cities, Chennai and Bangalore.

Arakkonam Town Details

Arakkonam, a Grade I Municipality located in Vellore District, at a distance of about 68 km from Chennai. The area of the town is 9.06 sq. km and the population is 78,686 as per census 2001. The latitude and longitude of this town are 13° 6' 0" North, 79° 40' 0" East respectively. Arakkonam is one of the fast growing town and major node in Southern Railway network. The Tamil Nadu government has given a lot of impetus for growth to Arakkonam municipality to become a prime outlying suburb of Chennai. 
 Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Tamil Nadu State Council is proposed for the development of 'MAP' region (comprising Marakkanam, Arakkonam, and Pulicat) to build a strong Greater Chennai Region for balanced and inclusive regional development in Tamil Nadu. A town level SWOT analysis, with reference to its regional context has been done based on feedback from stakeholder workshops and analysis of the status of various sectors of the city. 
Railway Linkages

 Arakkonam is one of the biggest junctions in Southern Railway, where the Chennai to Mumbai and Chennai to Cochin/ Bangalore railway lines branches out. The town is well-connected by trains with Indian cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Tiruvandrum, Mysore, Mangalore, Palghat, Kaniyakumari, Tirupati, Vellore, Coimbatore, Hubli, Ooty. 


 The Nearest airport is at Meenampakkam, Chennai about 70 Km away from Arakkonam. INS Rajali, an air base of the Indian Navy is located at Arakkonam and has the longest runway in South Asia (4500 meters) . 

Population Growth

Population of Arakkonam:

79 080 people

Latitude of Arakkonam:

13,1000 (135'60.000"N)

Longitude of Arakkonam:

79,6667 (7940'0.120"E)

Altitude of Arakkonam:

83 m

Distance from city Arakkonam to 25 biggest cities of country: India

Distance (Km)
 Arakkonam - Bombay  980 km
 Arakkonam - Delhi  1 750 km
 Arakkonam - Bangalore  226 km
 Arakkonam - Calcutta  1 399 km
 Arakkonam - Madras  67 km
 Arakkonam - Ahmadabad  1 332 km
 Arakkonam - Hyderabad  492 km
 Arakkonam - Pune  866 km
 Arakkonam - Surat  1 132 km
 Arakkonam - Kanpur  1 488 km
 Arakkonam - Jaipur  1 588 km
 Arakkonam - Lakhnau  1 535 km
 Arakkonam - Nagpur  897 km
 Arakkonam - Indore  1 144 km
 Arakkonam - Patna  1 503 km
 Arakkonam - Bhopal  1 156 km
 Arakkonam - New Patna  1 503 km
 Arakkonam - Ludhiana  2 018 km
 Arakkonam - Thana  986 km
 Arakkonam - Agra  1 576 km
 Arakkonam - Vadodara  1 231 km
 Arakkonam - Gorakhpur  1 864 km
 Arakkonam - Nasik  988 km
 Arakkonam - Pimpri  878 km
 Arakkonam - Faridabad  1 723 km

Information About Arakkonam Town

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